House Call Euthanasia

Dog snow prints (2)

All of us at Seacoast have had multiple losses and are very aware of the pain that pet loss creates.  We will do our best to explain how we euthanize and what will happen in that process.  You can decide whether you want to be alone with your pet, with family, or not present at all.  The decision is completely yours and we will support you any way that we can.

Loss can be very painful and disorienting.  Deeply loving your pet and losing them will create a lot of feelings, including loneliness, confusion and emptiness.  Understand that these feelings are part of grieving and loss.    Prior to losing your pet, here are some things you can do before you must say goodbye.

  • Create a journal-your pet has unique qualities that you cherish.  Write them down.  Remember all the good things that you have together
  • Friends and Family-have them come over and share in your thoughts and feelings.  Have them tell you what they remember and what made them laugh.
  • Jewelry-take pieces of hair, mane, whiskers and place them in a special keep-sake, a necklace, bracelet, or key chain to always keep with you.
  • Keep a calendar-check to see how you are making progress and monitor the good and bad days.
  • Memorialize-set up candles, pictures, or anything that will help you cherish the memories.
  • Music-if you play an instrument dedicate a song to your beloved pet or have them howl, meow, or just listen to the music together.
  • Paint-with your pet.  Have them walk through colors that are safe and put them on a canvas as a permanent paw print in your life.
  • Photo Album-Collect images from your pet’s life and create a memory book or collage.  Paint a wall and hang pictures on that wall of your pet.
  • Plant-a tree, flower, or build a garden together.
  • Spiritual Connections-find an organization that gives you support.
  • Stones-paint a rock to memorialize your pet.
  • Time-spend as much time as you can with your pet.  Those moments will always be cherished.
  • Video-make a video or movie of your pet with you.



Prior to our visit

We encourage you to find a loving place that was special to you and your pet prior to our arrival.  It can be a special chair, couch or in the garden.  The choice is yours.  There is no right or wrong choice.  The most important thing is that you feel comfortable.


Following your loss

The most important thing is to please take care of yourself.  All of us at Seacoast Veterinary Housecalls know that loss is painful.  If you or your family need further care, please let us know.  We have wonderful resources and people that can help during this difficult time.

After your pet has passed away, we will lovingly care for your pet’s remains and transport them to one of the caring cremation services that we use.  You have the following options for your pet’s remains.

  • Private Cremation:  Your pet is cremated with no other pets.  The ashes are then placed in a wooden urn and returned to us for you.
  • Group Cremation:  Your pet is cremated along with other pets and the ashes are scattered in a memorial garden or on a farm.
  • Burial at Home:  You can decide to bury your pet in a special area in your yard.