General Care

Caring for Your Pet in the Convenience of Your Home


Katharina Brandt DVMBehavior Consults: Is your kitty urinating outside of his litter box? Is your once quiet content dog now barking when you leave? We can help you decipher your pet’s behavior and whether it is sign of an illness or something else. Your pet is most comfortable and secure in your home which helps us in understanding what your pet may be doing and the best way to help your beloved four legged friend.

Nutrition Consults: Do you worry whether you are feeding the right type and amount of food to your pet? We can help you understand what is best for your pet’s nutritional needs. If your pet is overweight we can formulate a plan to help him lose those few extra pounds. If you want help understanding the amount and type of food we can help.

White puppyWellness Exams: Many pets become upset and nervous when they go into a veterinary office. Our mobile practice comes to your pet which means less stress for them and you! Our mobile van is fully equipped to perform routine yearly and diagnostic exams. You can either come into the van to visit while your pet is being examined or we can perform these exams in your home.

Vaccines: We carry all the vaccines your pet will need. We use the same vaccines that are used in your regular veterinarian’s office. We have the Kennel Cough, Lyme, Leptospirosis, Distemper, Leukemia, and Rabies vaccines.

Cote KittenIn House Laboratory: We can perform blood work including pre-anesthetic blood work, heartworm tests, and feline leukemia tests all in our van. We also offer a variety of specialized blood work.

Surgery: We are able to perform routine surgical procedures including spaying, neutering, lump removal and dentistry in the van. You bring your pet out and then relax in your home while your pet is having surgery.

Dentistry: Routine dental cleanings help your pet stay happy and healthy. Unlike humans, a dog or cat won’t hold their mouth open and stay quiet so that we can perform a professional dental cleaning. We need to Bostonssedate them and then clean and examine each individual tooth. This allows us to thoroughly examine not only your pet’s teeth but their entire mouth for any problem areas.

Geriatrics: No one wants to admit that their pet won’t live forever, but we can help your pet in their senior years live a happy and healthy. Senior pets require some adjustments to their vaccines and exams as well as their environment. We have many suggestions and ideas to help your pet live well into their senior years.