My Best Buddy Jack Attack


When I was first told about you my answer was originally “I’m full I can’t take on another dog”, but when I heard that at only a year old you spent 23 hours a day in a tiny carrier I made room for you.  The original plan was to get you healthy and socialized and then rehome you.  I drove to meet your original “owner” and she never shed a tear or said a word, just handed me your carrier and drove away.  I put the carrier in the car and immediately removed the top. When I did out popped this cute little face with big brown eyes.  Looking back I know that is when you grabbed my heart.

Less than a week later you had your first seizure which scared me and I think it scared you too.  But I continued to hold you in my lap and talk to you until you started to recognize me again.  The next day we took a trip to the veterinarian to see if we could figure out what was going on.   He gave you a complete exam and did blood work.  He wanted to send you for a cat scan but cautioned us that it may not show us anything.  When I told him no he said the kindest thing would be to “just let you go”  since you had difficulty with your back legs and now had seizures.  I refused to give up and took you home.  That is when I knew I was going to be your forever home.  Slowly you started coming around and your back legs became stronger.  Although you continued to have seizures every 10 days nothing changed the fact that you loved everyone and everything that you came in contact with.  You were my constant companion.  Many cold winter nights we would cuddle on the couch and you would push your “brothers and sisters” out of the way so you could get under the blankets.  Always greeting me with kisses and a little dance when I came home from work.  When your “dad” and I started dating I was worried you would be jealous but again you proved everyone wrong and warmed right up to him.

The first few months after moving to NH to be with your dad weren’t easy as you had competition for my attention but you happily followed dad every where too.  Slowly we started working on adjusting your medications and you went from having seizures every 10 days to once a month to every 6 months.  Finally we had them under control only to be hit with an even worse diagnosis  Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia.  We were told you had maybe 4 to 6 months, yet again you had to prove everyone wrong.  You had such love for us that you kept on fighting and even went into remission for a short period of time.  Then that summer you started to act funny again and your blood work kept showing lower and lower blood count levels.

No matter how awful you felt you still gave kisses and did your cute little dance.  Then one Saturday morning you didn’t want to eat and couldn’t even sit up.  You just looked at me with those big brown eyes that I fell in love with 8 years before as if to say “it’s time”  It was the hardest decision we ever had to make Jack, but one I know had to be made.  You went to work with me that morning and everyone said their goodbyes since you had stolen their hearts as well.  That afternoon as we drove home you slept in the passenger’s seat, I carried you in the house and laid you down with your head on my lap and we kissed you for the final time.  As you passed over to the rainbow bridge you had this look on your face that seemed to be saying “thank you Mom.  I love you.”  We love you too Jack Attack and miss you so very much.  Until we walk across the bridge together.

Jack Attack July 5, 2002-August 11, 2011.

Jack's Dance

Jack’s Dance