King Mookie

whomeKing Mookie you entered our life at the age of 7 after being diagnosed with diabetes and were “unadoptable” because of your so called “aggression.”  I brought you home to Dad who said you were to go back on Monday, but that didn’t happen did it buddy.  In 2 days you managed to weasel your way into his heart and you became his little buddy.  You had your bed on the couch and took your place on our bed usually right between us at night.  Originally we were told that because your diabetes was difficult to control and you also had pancreatic issues we would be lucky if you saw the age of 9.  You were 13 when you went to the bridge.   We had lots of close calls with you but you always rallied and bounced back as ornery as ever.

You chose who you liked and who you didn’t and as long as the person was part of your “in crowd” you would love them unconditionally.  You put up with all the blood glucose checks, and poking and prodding.  You would just nibble on our fingers to let us know it was not your favorite thing.  It is because of you my little love that we fell in love with the breed of Miniature Pinscher, you definitely were true to your breed.  You could be a stubborn little brat when you wanted to be, but you loved your people.  Believe it or not our favorite thing was when you would snarl and try to bite and then immediately roll over onto your back and look up at us like “oops sorry.”  Yes you definitely were a little comedian.

Now you are running free at the bridge, and I’m sure eating all the sugar filled sweets and steak that you couldn’t have here on Earth.  We love you buddy and thank you for showing us what fun Minpins can be.  It is because of you that we are now working to help rescue others.  However, you will always be the one and only “King Mookie”

RIP sweet boy May 4, 1999-Sept 4, 2012