Pet Hospice & Euthanasia

Seacoast Veterinary Housecalls | Pet Hospice and In Home EuthanasiaAllows you to be an active participant in deciding the best treatment plan for your pets needs at the end of life. We provide education, in-home medical care and pain management. We also evaluate the home environment to provide your pet with comfort and safety.

When you are ready, we will provide humane and kind euthanasia in the comfort of your own home.

Electing to euthanize a pet at home is very difficult. You will go through days sometimes weeks of emotional struggle to come to the decision of saying goodbye. It will be one of the most painful and difficult decisions you will make.  You will feel doubt, confusion and guilt.  For some people euthanasia is not an option and you must find what works best for you. For those of us who elect to euthanize, you have the option to euthanize your pet at home.

We at Seacoast Veterinary Housecalls will  guide you through this process in a kind and loving way. All of us at Seacoast have had multiple losses and are very aware of the pain that pet loss creates. We will do our best t9 explain how we euthanize and what will happen in that process. You can decide whether you would like to be alone with your pet, with family or not be present at all.  The decision is completely yours and we will support you any way that we can.

We encourage you to find a loving place that was special to you and your pet prior to our arrival.  It can be a special chair, couch or in the garden. The choice is yours.  There is no right or wrong choice.

Following euthanasia you have a choice to bury your pet at home or cremate in a group or privately. We can discuss this with you in detail.