Holly Bear

Holly Bear Turrell


O, how I wish I could go with you today.

I will miss you, deeply, in my heart,

Each day,

More than words can convey.

My sweet Labrador who has given me,

More love, friendship, and loyalty than any

Human could offer me on this earth.

You four-leggeds…..your souls come to us,

Without any expectations, and you are ours,

For years…..giving your love and devotion,

Without asking for anything in return.

Even in the last moments

You were giving to me,

Letting me know it was okay,

It was time.

You have been a gift Hollybear.

I will be grateful every day for

The 15 years of your life

You have given my life.

And I will love for eternity.

Now it is time for you to move on my sweet girl,

And meet your friends again, who are lovingly

waiting your arrival


And tell them, for myself, Jeremy,

We love them also,



Until we meet again.

Go gently now,

with love and light embracing you,

To Rainbow Bridge……